Personalized Singing Videograms® are easy to create.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send a Singing Videogram®? Simply click on Send and fill out the short form.

How do you deliver the videogram? After confirming your order you will gain instant access to your content. You can use our social sharing buttons to share the video. You can also simply copy and paste the link. Most people share on Facebook using the "on a friends wall" option.

Do I have to install an app to use Singing Videograms? No. That's too complicated. Just use the modern device of your choice and a good internet connection.

Does it work on an iPhone®, or an iPad®, what about an iTouch®? Yes, yes, yes. It's all groovy.

I don't have a Paypal account. What should I do? Either get one or simply use the checkout as guest in the Paypal window. It's all encrypted, secure, and easy.

How It Works

You will enjoy 14 days of unlimited access to your personalized HD Singing Videogram.

No account to setup, no passwords to remember. Nothing complicated. Share it as many times as you like. All your friends will enjoy the same unlimited access. Hassle free.

iPhone®, iPad®, and iTouch® compatible

HD Video

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